Travis Avila

My name is Travis.

I write books and talk about them.

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Pink Flamingo

The plastic pink flamingo was created as a real solution to a real problem. It was made to distinguish homes, to set them apart against the monotony of the American suburb. But somewhere along the way, the pink flamingo lost its purpose and became a symbol of everything that’s wrong with American culture. The same has happened to many Christians. We were born to be different, set apart. We were made to be a blessing, providing real solutions to real problems. But we’ve lost our purpose. We’ve become known for our worst qualities. We’ve become……plastic.

This book attempts to answer a simple question: “What differentiates Christians, and how should we live in light of that distinction.” It’s time for us to regain the purpose for which we were created, because it our risk taking, empowered by the Holy Spirit, displayed in our communities, that the world is waiting to see!

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About Travis

I live in San Luis Obispo, CA with my wife Jenn and our kids London and Stella.

I'm am on the leadership and teaching team at New Life Church in Pismo Beach. It's a privilege to have conversations with the Church, as we learn how to live and love like Jesus. My hope is that the ideas I share on my journey can help others on their own.


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